Slaves to Martyrdom

by In Twilight's Embrace

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Second album and a progression towards maturity. Melodic death metal filled with dark, gloomy atmosphere and hardcore harshness. Imagine the intensity of "The IVth Crusade" with the melodic outburst of "The Jester Race".


released February 1, 2011

Vocals: Cyprian Łakomy
Guitars: Leszek Szlenk
Guitars: Piotr Steppa
Bass: Marcin Rybicki*
Drums: Damian Urbanowski

Mixed at Aesthetic Studio by Waldemar Jędruszak
Mastered at Hertz Studio by Wieslawski Bros.
Engineered by Maciej Feddek, Marcin Czajka & Łukasz Migdalski
Additional samples and keys by The Aesthetic
All bass on this recording by Cyprian Łakomy
Cover artwork & bookler design by Tomasz Rutowski
Band photography by Adam Wilkoszarski



all rights reserved


In Twilight's Embrace Poznan, Poland

Channeling darkness through music since 2005.

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Track Name: The Atrocity Born of Failure
Stop throwing stones at the product
Of your own neglect
For it is you who created that monster
And now when the innocence is devoured
Your cries are worthless
Throw one stone more to coat your guilt
Short sighted few pointing at the guilty
Revenge is fed, but has no allies
Make whores of few more words
And yourself the judge
Fault will pass nobody by
We do construct this cross
Through the failure of misdeeds
Justice to be bathed in blood
We to face the first stones
No way to escape it, no way to wash our hands clean
A solution never to be found
Set all accusations aside
And see what you have and haven’t done
Track Name: Today's Gold
You would see death in his eyes only
Behind stone cold faces and hectic smiles
While life was on his lips
Hearts ache the same
I’ve seen the death only
Suppurating in his eyes
And he hid himself in shadows
Or he was a one himself
He became a one-minute hero
Not enough for himself
Not enough for her
Trapped in pursuit of the highest stake
Vanished chasing today’s gold
You would never see the smallest spark
Even if her eyes burn the blood-red flame
Behind her glittered lips
Vacuumed emptiness dwells
These words shall never hold anything
Except the lipstick smell
Track Name: All Hail the Vortex
Lost in its world of make-believe
Cleansing with deceit
A cancer so pathetic
Spreading venom amongst its fellow men
Sown are the seeds of disarray
Under the banner of a noble cause
The ones to restore order
Bred hatred instead
With their tongues of spite
And words of wisdom so saintly spoke
All hail the vortex
Flowing from the abyss of black hearts
So poisonous
Their altars of delusion full of worthless shrines
A puritan zeal dying by its own blade
The unrest devouring its sons
Who perish in the purging bloody tide
Track Name: In Line They Stand
The march of sinners
Ropes round the throats
Get tighter every day
In gold they trust,
In power they believe
To rule what’s not theirs
What’s not to be possessed
Defenceless innocence
In line they stand
Eaten ‘way by swine’s bile
Revolting laughter was all to be said
Self-made idols upon the gutter throne
Serving their own pleasure
Praising the damage done
This is their false pride that ruined our lives
But should these lies be a reason to boast on?
Should their tabloid crime dominate the public life?
How could we submit our trust to be swallowed by swine’s bile?
Track Name: Wintersun
What it feels like to leave the land
Yet to make no move at all
To eradicate what was the nature,
Make harmony never to be found
To batter yesterday into the ground
So in the summerfrost it congeals
Thus simplicity lies mosscovered
Despite the storming wind
As sun revolved and winters went by
In ashes the memory slept
Our blood was to fertilize the land
But it froze in the wintersun
It stands still never to be warmed up
As to winners history belongs
Our arms were chopped off
The wounds burned to fumigate
Though left to remember
The lifelong winter burns within
With its birds of soil and trees of clay
With its crosses, the bread and wine
Its foundries and individual divine
Baptism of blood and baptism of sweat
What once was sacred so perished in flames
Now with birthmarks of regret
We dry in the wintersun
Gasping for breeze
We choke on fumes instead
Track Name: The Parting Hour
It's the parting hour.
In wooden cross's shade
Soil-bound we are
The dust and the ash
It's backfire after backfire
When reaching up for life
Swallowed regret
Like thorn in our side
We breathe our last
In cathedral's aisle
The fear and trembling
That scorched our eyes dry
The divine and the temporal
As the spirit's lullaby
Track Name: The Source
The starry sky above me
The Truth in me
I’ve been watching it for eons
In search for the source
Gazing up at the gathering clouds
Almost burnt my eyes dry
To pass the times granted no resolve
The powers lie within me
One with the worlds, the gods and the wind
Survived your false theocracies
And walked this land of barren testimonies
Empires of sanctified misconception collapsed
Then rose to fall again
For I am the source and sole creator
As I believe in the power of one
To determine the cursed and divine
And instigate the firestorm to come
Believe in the power of one
The universe is mine
To drift this endless ocean
Track Name: The Pilgrim's Walk
Another step of the endless pilgrimage
A crusade despite the obstacles they build
Even if my life is at stake,
I will proceed
I am the unspoken voice of those
Whose tongues have been mutilated
And who will never be able to speak
In their own name
I cast the light on their shaded misery
To make you realize everything you were denied
The truth will be the healing to the blinded
Eyes of the world
These words shall bring ignition
Of thousands minds and hearts
Even if I pay for them with my own blood,
The highest price
Again I rise from my knees
It might be the very last time
Again I raise my bare and fragile hands,
I versus the tragedy’s reign
The sun enlightens my end
Oblivious dark of night won’t let the world forget
You cannot touch, cannot embrace things I let you comprehend
The path leads to lonely unmarked graves
Track Name: Slaves to Martyrdom
Sharing the history we have all desecrated,
We're letting our wounds reopen again
Singing our anthems on the graves of the dead, 
Bringing to life false pride and defeat.
Stories are told of victories undone
The glorious past wiped all the tragedies away, 
Slaves to martyrdom, in a crossfire of words, 
Keep fighting for what we cannot defend.